Aurevoir Mon Ami!

Transition indeed! I am changing my career trajectory, and aiming at writing, and art. After nearly 3 years I'm moving on from Powell's. I have thoroughly enjoyed my commute across the river, biking across bridges, driving through northwest, walking through downtown.I have marveled at the sheer mass of crowd that fills Powells every day, and thrilled at each celebrity sighting. But now those very things, (except for celebrity sightings) charming though they were, are starting to wear me out, and I feel ready for a job closer to home.
  Although of course, I must honor my beautiful Powell's family and my amazing time there. Are you KIDDING? IT'S POWELL'S! I'm sooo lucky. To all my new friends that I had so many charming conversations with...all over the store, I will miss you! I have some unique and fabulous memories, snapshots of working at Powell's, that I will think about proudly. Favorite scenes around the store: deep in the Gold Room Cave, sorting mass markets for hours, listening to Queen or ELO or some awesome 60's girl group, BLASTING.  And the inflammatory banter! Somehow in there the F-Bomb is perfection.
  The quiet corner of anthropology in the Purple Room-- hardly any customers in there, beautiful windows and very interesting books.  A peaceful respite from the rest of the store.
  Middle Readers in the Rose Room. Magical books with none of the short skirts and sex from across the aisle in young adult. Redwall! Little House! Roald Dahl! Oz books! Even Julie Andrews wrote middle readers. I have a killer 1972 version of "Mandy"!
  I also loved shelving in lit. The Blue Room smells bookish and feels warmer, the books feel closer in. It's a little dark, but the books themselves are delicious. Love the disheveled, overflowing Dickens section. Love the indignity of shoving Philippa Gregory next to Graham Greene.
  I loved it all, and I'm so grateful to have met so many AMAZING, TALENTED souls!
Favorite place in the store? the 4th floor corner meeting room. A little glass room, perched high on the side of 11th and Couch with views of the Freemont Bridge and the West Hills.  Gorgeous in any weather, I always looked forward to any meeting.

I am looking fondly at my little french books in aisles 817 and 818, Red Room, Powell's City of Books, and saying goodbye. We both sigh sadly, but promise to remember the good times we had. I loved my little french aisle at Powell's, and faithfully maintained its lovely, rarified air. I made Simone de Beauvoir displays, Victor Hugo displays (totally cool 60's 3 volume paperback set of "Les Miserables" available now! Alexander Jardin displays (complete with "Le Zebre" Zebra shelf-talker!) Tolkein displays of "Bilbo le Hobbit".  George Simenon, Fred Vargas!  Then of course the beloved children's books and young adult.  Aurevoir Harry Potter et la Chambre de Secrets!
  It is time to move on, I am going to be writing for the tres chic boutique "Melange" and their fabulous website. Check it out! My love of fashion has only grown since I've moved to Portland. Clothing design and styling has always been an interest, and I can't wait to write about the
gorgeous fashion, and at the same time eliminate my commute!  Quelle Chance!

Stay tuned for fashionable postings, and a personal photo challenge.



Stephilius said…
Lovely. Just lovely....
Diane said…
Merci Monsieur, you and your belle femme are two of my favorite Powell's discoveries. We shall stay tuned to each others stories and meteoric rise to fame. xo