Happy War Day to You!

This country is crazy. During the holidays I saw this decidedly UN-festive Nutcracker who is apparently off to Afghanistan to shoot some Al Quaida terrorists.  Oh my God. A Nutcracker?! Going to war?! That is the craziest thing I've ever seen. And you put this where? On the mantel for the kids to enjoy?!

  Then the other day I was shopping for my daughter's birthday decorations and I came across the CAMO BIRTHDAY party accoutrements. What is going on here?! Do we really want to dress up our little children on their birthday as soldiers, men and women who often are critically injured and die? Don't get me wrong, I support the troops. They ARE heroes and much braver than I am, but is a little kids birthday party the place to take a stand against terrorism? Does it really warm the heart to see them in their little paper camo hats blowing camo noisemakers and wiping the cake off their face with cammo napkins? To me, it's a disgusting use of an innocent, care-free celebration to promote a violent act. It seems that war-images, references and camo-style pop up in the most ridiculously inappropriate places these days. I don't feel that as a country we really understand why we're at war in the first place. It's so far away, and for the American without a family member in the armed forces it hardly affects us at all.  No sacrifices, no change in our daily lives. To slap camouflage on a Christmas Nutcracker and a little kid's birthday party decorations seems repugnant from a holiday point of view, but also from the troop's point of view.  Is this how we "participate"? Is  this how Americans really go to war?