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Showing posts from December 10, 2010

A Metropolitain Christmas Wonderland all tied up in a diamond bow from Fendi

Ok, so New York is nearly everything.  Paris still wins, but just barely.  Now I'm left wondering, why does anyone live anywhere else? 4 days in the beautiful, bedecked, bedazzled City has left me yearning for more interesting digs.  New York has it all, even drowning in Xmas tourists, even freezing its full-length-fur-coated behind off, even demanding every last cent for you to breathe its rarefied air.  Sign me up!
We spent our days bundled to the gills, but soaking in the bright sunshine.  We had the incredible luck, thanks to dear friends, to stay in the spectacular Brooklyn Heights neighborhood,  right on the waterfront with the giant buildings of lower Manhattan about 800 feet away across the river.  Reflecting morning sunshine, gleaming lights at night, they were there amidst the tugboats and helicopters, nestled between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, visible a little ways to the left.  I sat in the window with countless cups of coffee and bagels, and dream…