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Showing posts from July 14, 2010

Hippie Party in the Woods!

It's been a few years since my last trip to the unparalleled hippie extravaganza The Country Fair.  I grew up at the fair, sporting face paint and bell bottoms, marching along in the parade alongside the legendary luminaries of Hippie Yore. The Reverend Chumleigh (who I assisted once onstage), The Flying Karamazov Brothers, and the Midnight Show continue to dazzle people with their irreverent (and often nude) performances.

 I spent 10 years working at the venerable food booth "The Tofu Palace", alongside food maven Toby Alves and all our fabulous friends. This time I returned as a civilian, only for a day, with mom and child.  The fair is beautiful, all banners and pretty booths, aged trees and mossy paths, but there are alarming sights that one must try to avoid.

Watch out for fat hairy, nearly naked men who enjoy a pressing crowd.  Nevermind that they might be wearing "festive" sparkle paint or have peacock feathers in their loincloth waistband. 

But the Butt…