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Showing posts from July 6, 2010


A week of confusion, chaos and ugly surprises has turned into a bit of a second honeymoon for me and Mr. Rios.  We had planned a completely different sort of week.  Plans were made for an endlessly amusing vacation.  But alas, the Gods stepped in and thwarted our very best-layed plans.  A bizarre and unpredictable series of events took place all beginning with an avocado pit. Greg attempted to best the pit with a knife, and lost.  Two days before the trip, we found ourselves in the emergency room, stitching up Greg's finger. (The emergency waiting room is truly hell on earth.  Frightening people in distress, waiting for hours and hours, suffering, coughing, hacking, rubbing their veins. I waited in the car, in the dark parking lot where it was very peaceful.  At 12am, there was a balmy breeze whispering through the pine trees, and I slept. Very surreal.)  At the end of his ordeal, the "kindly" nurses decided to give poor Greg a tetanus shot.  Without any explanation of h…