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Showing posts from June 24, 2010

City at Night, and sewing!

Portland is so beautiful, it takes my breath away.  Working in Northwest and commuting from the east side I get to see downtown in all its glory, all times of day. The architecture in Portland is wildly diverse and truly lovely. There are glimpses of ancient plastered cornices and rusting, once-elegant fire escapes, nestled up next to a brand new shining blue glass building, complete with wind turbines on top.  There are wooden water towers atop brick warehouses converted into upscale restaurants, next to a mom and pop carburetor shop that's got the original vintage signage still up.  It's lovely, it's surprisingly lovely.

I took another sewing class, this time SEWING BASICS II!!!  I took it at the wonderful shop "Joanne's Drygoods" on 11th and Washington.  I highly recommend these classes, the teacher Elizabeth Miles is so helpful and really knows her stuff.  I made a dress, but I'm still finishing the sash, so you have to wait to see it.  In the meantime…