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Showing posts from April 26, 2010

Artist of the Day

Another great day at Muse Art and Design on 42nd and SE Hawthorne.  Thanks to owner Peter Rossing, this lovely art shop throws an annual art party in April.  A fundraiser for local school's art supplies, "An Artist a Day" is a month-long "live art" exhibit.  Every day a different artist spends the afternoon creating a piece of art to be auctioned off at the end of the month.  My personal day was last Saturday and I had a GREAT time.

  I spent the day cutting stencils for a large horse print, and chatting to the ultra-sweet and super talented Marcus Gannucio. As I cut out horses' manes and tails, carefully tracing their flared nostrils and long eyelashes, Marcus and I talked about LA, Walt Disney's crew of women animators in the 1940's, the Disney artist Mary Blair, and fashion. It was a blast.  Meanwhile several people poked their heads in and inquired about the stenciling process. At the end of the session writer Sera Stanton stopped by to interview…