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Desert Sublime

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I love the sun. Although an impassioned Oregonian, I find myself unfurling in the warmth of the Southern California sun. A perfectly warm and shiny trip to Disneyland and Palm Desert has left me relaxed and able to soldier on through an Oregon spring.
Favorite Disneyland ride this time? "It's a Small World After All", which I have never been on before. When I was a child the grownups all turned up their noses at its cloying, unforgettable song, and wouldn't take me on it. However, they may not have had the same childhood dream as me... to be IN a Rankin & Bass Christmas movie. Right there with Fred Astaire and Burle Ives. This ride is that dream come true. A crazy cavalcade of 1960's stylized design, starting with the enormous silver and gold exterior. Getting into comfortable little boats, you move through the topiary garden of green lions, bears and horses. Then you enter a realm of absolute in…