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J'aime les gens de Haiti

One month after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, while people are still recovering or even perishing from their injuries, while the towns and buildings are still lying in heaps, I get an amazing photograph.
Two weeks before the earthquake struck, I received an order through work for a large amount of french children's books for an orphanage in Haiti. In curating this order there were specific guidelines to be aware of. For example, don't include books that emphasize what the orphans do not have, such as family, or western values with opulent settings. Avoid a strictly french perspective, and nothing about Christmas because they don't celebrate that in Haiti. I was able to find all kinds of books that the children might like, animal books and nature books, books about inspiring characters and friendship. It was wonderful, choosing the books and imagining them being read by the kids. We sent off the order and waited for any word of how it was received.
Then the earth…