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No Excuse for Animal Abuse

Today I joined PETA and In Defense of Animals at their protest of OHSU's proposed expanded monkey labs. There are currently about 4000 monkeys being used by the hospital for testing and breeding. These amazingly sensitive and intelligent creatures are living lives of misery, fear, loneliness and pain. There have been multiple violations of the federal animal Welfare Act at OHSU, and deaths of many monkeys due to shoddy veterinary care. Now the center wants to increase its size and its funding. More monkeys, more suffering. It's amazing places like this still exist! There are alternative testing methods available today, but they might not include the same amount of funding. So for the hospital it's monkeys for dollars. It's sickening!
Our little crowd included some very sassy cheerleaders, and we got many friendly waves from passerby. Stay tuned on Koin Local 6news for coverage!

Here's what you can do:

Contact Barbara Alving, M.D., chair of the Advisory Counci…