"A large city cannot be experientially known: its life is too manifold for any individual to be able to participate in it." - Aldous Huxley

This year I have found so much inspiration walking through the neighborhoods of this beautiful city.  When I drive to work I intentionally park really far away in Northwest Portland so I can enjoy the walk in.  I put on my headphones and listen to great music from Nat King Cole, or The Thievery Corporation, or even the Bee Gees, and  I drink in the splendor of the grand brick apartment buildings, great old trees with such huge leaves and ferns growing out of the branches, the stone churches and cozy, historic streets.  Then there is downtown Portland that stretches east with hip new modern skyscrapers behind beautifully designed vintage brick. If you're lucky there might be a pinkish tint to the sky reflecting in all that new glass. The details of the buildings are magnificent, whether it's a rusty old fire escape or the brick cornice on a machine shop. I love this beautiful place!


Stephilius said…
You're parking near our place in the NW a lot of the time, it would appear; we live so close to many of those buildings. Love the intent pedestrian pictures of you, Diane la serieuse!