My Dear Friend Lulu

After 19 years my dear friend Lulu has passed away. I miss her terribly, she was there for me through all the good and difficult times of my late twenties into my early forties.  That is a lot of history, and she gave me love and companionship all long the way.  She was adored by all of us, what a special soul!  When I was pregnant with Cora Lulu used to keep me company while I bathed.  Sometimes she would sit on my belly with the steamy water all around.  She slept on my pillow for years.  When I went through my fear of flying, and when I performed with the band and had stage fright, Lulu would comfort me. She never got sick, in all those years. She was steadily cheerful and forgiving of baby hands pulling on her fur.
Lulu was my dear friend and an example of good humor and kindness.  I was lucky to live with her for all that time.  I love you Lulu!


Stephilius said…
Oh, I'm so sorry, Diane. What a lovely tribute to her, though. At 19 years, she had a good run, didn't she? How lucky you were - she was lucky to have you, too.

I know how it is. Take care.

That's so sad. I'm really sorry for your loss. I can't imagine losing Gus or Lou, and we've only had a very short time together.