A week of confusion, chaos and ugly surprises has turned into a bit of a second honeymoon for me and Mr. Rios.  We had planned a completely different sort of week.  Plans were made for an endlessly amusing vacation.  But alas, the Gods stepped in and thwarted our very best-layed plans.  A bizarre and unpredictable series of events took place all beginning with an avocado pit. Greg attempted to best the pit with a knife, and lost.  Two days before the trip, we found ourselves in the emergency room, stitching up Greg's finger. (The emergency waiting room is truly hell on earth.  Frightening people in distress, waiting for hours and hours, suffering, coughing, hacking, rubbing their veins. I waited in the car, in the dark parking lot where it was very peaceful.  At 12am, there was a balmy breeze whispering through the pine trees, and I slept. Very surreal.)  At the end of his ordeal, the "kindly" nurses decided to give poor Greg a tetanus shot.  Without any explanation of how this might affect him in the next few days.  No warning.  No questions like, do you have anything important to do tomorrow or the next day or the next?  Just shoot and release.

The next day is the day I have to drive our child an hour down to Salem to meet my mother, who drove an hour up from Eugene thus sparing either party a four hour round trip commute.  Pretty clever!  Cora will stay with mom for 5 days while we have our special vacay.  However, this is also the day when Greg falls terribly ill.  Fever, shaking, weakness, pain.  What could we possibly do?  Did we really have to cancel everything? Everything was completely and perfectly set for our escape.. did  we really have to cancel it all?
But you can't argue with the Fates, and Greg was definitely too ill to travel.
So... unpack, make the appropriate calls, and try to heal.  THEN a completely unforeseen and terrible family event that I can't talk about took place. Devastating. A whole new set of concerns and chaos and emotional upheaval.  All while Greg's ill, and we're scrambling to adapt.  Total craziness.  And... throughout it all, it rained.  Rained and rained and rained which it has been doing steadily for the past 6 weeks.
And so, we coped.  On the phone constantly, to family, and deciding how to use the next few days best. First, Greg must recover.  Then... well, we had 5 days without children or work!  This may never happen again!  So, once the dust settled a bit, and he felt up to it we decided to have a Portland Stay-cation, and enjoy a bunch of the local things we've been "meaning to get to".  And it's been wonderful.
Greg feels lots better (though his arm is still killing him!) and it the sun has finally graced the world with its warming rays.  The birds are singing their (and my) joy.

Here are some of the things we've finally gotten to:

Slept all we wanted to.
Read the paper and had leisurely coffee with great jazz, every morning.
Walked together along 28th street, visited Una, Rad Summer, Butterscotch, and had coffee at the Bakery Bar on Glisan.
Went to the Farmer's Market
Fixed up the backyard with lights and plants and an outdoor rug, sat with delicious beers and watched the sun set.
Watched AMAZING home movies from my grand parents, complete with 1940's footage of my mother's christening day, and 1950's footage of my grandparents waterskiing on Lake Arrowhead.  A whole blog post in itself!!!
Ate out on the patio at Por Que non? with the best chips in the world, chunky guacamole and more delicious beers.  Sunshine, check.
Bought a new dress at Target.
and today.... we're off to Paradox cafe for a huge buckwheat pancake breakfast, then we're going to Dog Mountain, near Hood River, for a leisurely hike with Faye the dog.
Tomorrow... we'll stroll down Mississippi Avenue, have a dinner on some veranda and mourn the return to work on Wednesday.

(sigh) Being childless and workless for a week is actually medicinal.  Life can be totally unpredictable sometimes, and shocking and difficult. What can you do but be as prepared as possible, and then just roll with the punches. My personal arsenal of coping skills are from the ORGANIZED/BRIGHT SIDE  school of thought, and they see me through pretty well.
This next week is supposed to be in the 90's from Tuesday through Saturday. Making up for lost time, I guess. Stay cool.


Stephilius said…
Wow, crazy times. But you do roll dontcha? Good thing, that. And it sounds like it all got very good in the end.

Gonna be a scorcher on the famous eighth - yay!
Gary said…
All things considered, it's good to hear that things worked themselves out in the end.
I love everything about that blog post! Can you believe it that I am in PARIS FRANCE! Wherever I look i think of you! From the food to the sites! I wish you were here! Tell Senor Rios to get well! Ole ole ole ole ahhhyyyyayayayaya
Happy Birthday Yesterday. Sorry I'm late. I hope everything is alright.