DIZZY'S DREAM by Diane Rios

Tootle-OOOT! The book is finally finished and electronically here for your enjoyment. "Dizzy's Dream" is on its way to publishers across the nation.  Keep your fingers crossed and your thoughts light, and please take a minute to peruse a sneak preview of the Dream itself.
  xoxo D


When this comes out! i want one!
Bonnie Story said…
Diane this is beautiful! Ia m so proud of you. I also love seeing your work on the blog masthead. I'm a huge fan. Sending tons of love!!! Bon
Stephilius said…
Excellent, Diane! It looks great! How fun. (I've made two books with Blurb; cool process.) And it's so great to be able to have a real "thing" to show people. Good luck - GREAT luck - with the publishers!!
Diane said…
Thank you so much,friends!!! Your support means a lot to me! Of course "Dizzy's Dream" is really my own dream, and hopefully I can live it as thoroughly as he does!
Well done! Diane, if this is your dream, you're just about there! You just need some blue spots. Great job on the book!