Bon Anniversaire a moi!

at the Mt. Tabor dog park
Well, I had another birthday. And it was delightful! Mr. Rios had to work, but I started out the day at the wonderful Mt. Tabor dog park.  Gorgeous views! Gorgeous trees!  Nature singing a happy birthday song to me!

Then the Child and I strolled over to Petite Provence on Division street to enjoy some incroyablement delicieux french pastries and then drove to Northwest Portland to enjoy some bourgeois shopping.

We stopped in at Cargo, a crazy asian import store. Cargo is a huge warehouse full of brightly colored items.  You might want a fake moss-covered rock?  Non? Then how about a bin full of old ma-jong tiles? Still no?  Then you must want this plastic inflatable glove with a head inside of it and pop cans tied to the bottom! Ah- ha! 
From there we proceeded up to 23rd street and ambled down the shady avenue, stopping in here and there.

Les Chaussures!
 My own birthday present to myself came in the form of SOME SHOES.  A creamy nude, soft, and deliriously Italian pair of shoes that make me feel like a movie star. Who says I'm getting old? At only 44? Pas moi!

Cora at Cargo

C'est Moi
After such a pleasant morning, we came home to eat delicious soyrizo burritos from Los Gorditos and watch the wonderful animated movie "9".  What an adorable, clever and touching movie.  Highly recommended! Then, we had my sister and her family over for some birthday cake, complete with silver candles, and fizzy drinks with pink paper straws. We ate too much, but since we're usually rather spartan in our eating habits, it felt pretty special. A lovely day, and hopefully the beginning of a lovely year.

Le Gateau


Nick said…
Super-belated Happy Birthday! Looks like a fantastic time. Wish we were there to celebrate with you.
Love Nick
Crabby Amy said…
So lovely, Happy (late!!) birthday! :) xoxo
by the way, I believe I saw your hubby this morning while i was on my morning walk...Hawthorne (of course!) my love of window shopping knows no boundries!! ;)
Stephilius said…
Fun, fun, fun! We both had such a nice birthday, didn't we? Yay!

Those shoes are kway-zee! :)
What a great day! I would of loved to help celebrate! So i will have a glass of wine in your honor!
Diane said…
Thank you friends! And a happy birthday to Stephilius who has the exact same birthday as me. And to Princessa, tell Paris Happy Bastille Day pour moi!
Gary said…
I love Cargo -- one of my many dreams is to have a house furnished mostly with finds from Cargo. Also, they have the cutest Corgies running around the places. A Corgi makes everything better, no?