"It's dumb, Daddy. You should erase it Daddy. Grow up, Daddy." -- The Tiny Art Director

It's the funniest, cutest, and most touching parenting book in the world.  "Tiny Art Director" by Bill and Rosie Zeman is a must-have!  The perfect Father's Day present!!  Bill, an accomplished artist,  is commissioned by his toddler, Rosie to make picture after picture.  Rosie is the toughest boss in the world and nearly impossible to please.  Bill does his best and dutifully submits drawing after drawing, trying to nail the job and live up to Rosie's expectations with results such as
"No Daddy!  I didn't ask you to sit down!  Get out of this room right now Daddy!"
Poor Bill.  Thank goodness he does get a few jobs accepted, and his work on Rosie's request for a "poo poo airplane" went very well.
One of my personal favorites is this snail painting.  I especially love the snail angels.

A  beautifully made, tiny book with a great painting of Rosie on the cover.  It's also a blog!  Read here, and make your own day.