Oh, I could die and drift right up to heaven in Manzanita.  The mountain, the views, the soft moss on the iron-red rocks.  The surfers (ahh, the surfers!), the gentle dunes.  The pelicans!  A magic place.  Two nights at a cozy hotel, hot tub in the room, lots of vegan baked goods and mexican food.  It's a tonic, a medicine, L'ELIXIR MAGIQUE!
Here is the beauty, as seen by a small digital device.

 And look!  We found Gayle's book "If I Stay" at the local bookstore!!      xoxoxo


Stephilius said…
Lovely beach. Lovely (good-lookin') family.

Great windswept picture of you sur la plage, with the excellent blue scarf!
Fun trip! We also love M'zinita! Great burritos. I think Kelsey told me it means little apple.