Tour Spiel!

My friend Gayle Forman is an award-winning, mega-blockbuster-writing, Young Adult Aficionado-Goddess on a National Book Tour.  She is a super star! Her new book "If I Stay" has just come out in paperback and she is on a whirlwind tour promoting it.
  The kickoff of the tour was at Powell's Books, where I work, in Portland.  Her husband Nick is The Nick Tucker of Oswald Five-O fame, lately of ABC News fame, our dear compadre, and the father of their two adorable, precocious and delicious daughters.  Amen.
  Nick, Gayle and the girls stayed with us last weekend to catch up on old rock and roll gossip, share some pancakes and of course attend the reading.
  At the reading, Gayle used a playlist of music to highlight certain passages in the book, and one of the songs was Robert Christie's "Waiting for Vengence".  It was a lovely, touching tribute, for Robert and for Gayle's character Mia, and it was a lovely visit.
  Check out Gayle's tour blog HERE.