Once I was in love with Clyde Drexler

I am not a sports person.  I don't know my jump shot from my armpit.  BUT, in 1990 through 1992 I fell in love with Clyde Drexler. I watched my first Blazer game at my friend Robert's house. At first I was very sceptical, giving my attention mostly to the snacks, and jumping in fright every time Robert would suddenly cheer on his favorite players. But as the game progressed I started recognizing different players and seeing some of the magic happen between this Clyde Drexler, Terry Porter, Jerome Kersey and Kevin Duckworth.  And hey, Buck Williams was kind of hot!  I stopped snacking and started cheering.
 "Come on, Baldy!" I yelled as Terry Porter drove down the court to pass the ball to Drexler who easily sailed up to lay it in the basket.  Those two had an elegant ease about them, that I couldn't help but admire. 
  I haven't thought much about the Blazers since then, not being a sports person and all.  But the other night a coworker of Greg's generously offered their season tickets to us for a night.  So... we WENT TO A BLAZER GAME!
   What an experience!  The Rose Garden is like the Thunder Dome, filled with screaming, rabid fans and flashing lights.  BI MART!  BI MART!  flash the lights.  RIP CITY! RIP CITY!  and HOME DEPOT!  HOME DEPOT!
  The Spectacle that is a home Blazers game is not to be missed.  I have never been in such an overwhelming and awe-inspiring crowd of red blooded Americans in all my life. And the choreography of the whole arena show is unbelievable!  Prizes drop on parachutes from the ceiling.  Blazer girls appear suddenly in pyramid form, wherever there are more prizes to hand out.  A GIANT INFLATABLE CAR flew around the arena, using remote control fans to propel itself, and dropped more prizes.  It was totally surreal.  I felt like I was in a 1980's science fiction movie.  Or at the Quidditch World Cup in Harry Potter.
  The Blazers played Dallas and won, by the way.
  Things sure have changed since "Clyde the Glide" dominated the Rose Quarter.  I am glad that I had some appreciation of that magical team.  These days, I must say I enjoy the techno-circus that is a home Blazer game, and hope to go again.


great memoires! And a New Experience. I still need to go to a game. But what fun. I am glad you are experiencing new adventures! Miss ya