Magique de la Montaigne

Mt. Hood is an ancient soul with its own rules and its own way of regulating them.  I felt totally puny, mortal, and grateful to be clinging to its side last Saturday, knee-deep in snow and gazing across the vast expanse of the valley below.  Stately Mt. Adams was a mirror image of us, rising in salute several miles to the south.  I breathed in a silent "Thank You" to the Gods of sky and earth, meeting in this incredible place.

And then there was Timberline.

The fam and I finally got to spend the night at Timberline Lodge.  I cannot recommend it enough.  The Lodge is amazing any time of day, but for the full experience, for the magic and the delight to really be complete, you must cough up the money and get a room.  You won't regret it.

The moon from a hot tub 6000 feet up a mountain.  Swirling mountain snow fog all around....
The entire lodge is hand-hewn from enormous logs.  Everything from the huge lodge itself to all of the furniture, handrails, wrought iron door fasteners and lamps are made by hand.  Some of my favorite things: the warmth and smell of the giant fireplace and the glowing shine on the polished wood banisters, carved into whimiscal creatures.  The Ramshead bar on the second level and its large settees in front of the windows looking up at the top of the mountain.  The swirl of the mountain snow and fog around you as you soak in the outdoor hot tub, at 6000 feet.  The cozy decor of the cabin-like rooms, with wooden writing desk and old telephone.  We rented "The Shining" to see the star of the show, Timberline, aka "The Overlook Hotel".  Also, I must heartily recommend the breakfast buffet in their amazing dining room.

Enjoy these photos I took as I tromped through the snow in ski boots, tip-toed through the stairwells in slippers, and padded to the pool in bare feet.  Don't miss your turn....the snow is almost gone!