Love to the Max

Vegetarian Times just published a great article on the legendary pop artist Peter Max.  Being a hippy kid, I grew up on his iconic, psychadelic images and loved their cartoon-like character.  Now, I find that Mr. Max is a lovely, compassionate vegan, spreading the word about the value of all life.  How cool can you get?
Here is one quote from that interview:

VT: What cause matters to you most?
PM: I'm completely an animal rights person.  I would like animals not to suffer so much
at the hands of humanity.  I believe that in due time, human beings will respect other animals.
Hippocrates (ancient Greek physician) once said, "All souls are the same, just our bodies
are different."  If people could really take that in and understand it, then they would respect
a moth, a bug.  If I see a bug crawling on the floor, I rush to the bug before my kitties get
to him.  I pick him up, take him to the park, and let him out where there are green plants and
maybe a little bit of water so he doesn't have to walk too far.  I feel so good every time I do it.
I tell you, it's an overwhelming feeling.  The bug is so small, and the feeling so huge."

Mr. Max, you are the bomb.