Lastest Flames

Working as a Generalist at Powell's City of Books means that I work all over the store. A different colored room every day, from literature and poetry to science fiction and erotica. I handle children's books, graphic novels, Bibles, and of course, my own beloved foreign languages in the Red Room. I often find myself amassing small stacks of treasures culled from the hallowed aisles. I find all sorts of gems from all decades.

For example: dig these early 1970's mass market paperbacks of Victor Hugo! They are perfectly designed for the dour contents within. But with a little Studio 54 pink thrown in. Love it!

Or how about these adorable early 1960's volumes about church design in the middle ages? Such sweet cover art, and tres adorable from the side, too!

From the purple room I found this great coffee table book about the Swiss Alps. "The Alps That I Love" published in 1964.

From the Gold room I nabbed this AMAZING new book about the art of Jaime Hernandez. Jaime and his brother Gilberto have been my heroes since 1985 when I first discovered their comic "Love and Rockets". Since then I have been a devoted fan of the people of Hoppers, and of my favorite comic heroine ever, Maggie Chascarillo. Once, I even met Jaime Hernandez and he was so gracious as to DRAW MY PICTURE on the back of my jacket! No lie! This gorgeous book is a biography and filled with early work, photos and descriptions of Jaime's artistic process. It's a dream come true, actually.

In the Orange room I found this strange little book. "Please Feed Me" is a punk rock vegan cookbook. It's also a collection of stories and recipes from bands of the "Hope Collective": a founding DIY punkrock booking collective from Dublin, Ireland. The book also features a few American bands like Fugazi (Chocolate Cake) and Bikini Kill (Chili Non Carne). Yum!

Finally, I just bought a used copy of this great read, "City Boy" by Edmund White. White was (and still is!) a writer, art historian and critic in New York in the 1960's and 1970's. This story is his account of literary and gay life in the city at that time. It is fascinating! It was such a different world then, no computers, no cell phones, the city was grimy and poor. Gay culture barely existed out of the shadows, and there were certainly no gay marriages, or even many committed, long-term relationships. It was the end of an era and a raw beginning of another. White is a great writer, honest and smart. Read it!


Bonnie Story said…
Wow, that Hernandez book is a mind-blower!! I never knew that about your jacket - holy cow. Would you post a pic pleeez? Also love the punk cookbook!! You really are a wonderful "book sherpa"!! Have a great day - Bon
Stephilius said…
Just to clarify, in case he's new to some of your readers, Edmund White (you called him "Edmond" making him French - which is very nearly right, of course) is not only a "was" but still is an "is".

I got to meet him a few years back when he did a reading at work. I didn't know what he'd be like; he has such a personal history and is really quite the celebrity in his sphere - and he lived for years in France, dammit! But he was really nice and warm and down to earth. Great writer, nice guy.
Diane said…
Whoops...Edmund it is! I'm glad to hear Mr. White is as nice as I'd hope him to be. Someone else told me they'd met him and he was very approachable. Hooray for Edmund!