Do You Remember Your First Concert?

And I mean the concert you first WANTED to go to, not the Huey Lewis and the News show your parents dragged you to.
  Mine was "Punishment Farm", a punk band from Eugene, Oregon.  I was 16 and a total geek.  Too geeky for the geeks, in fact.  I remember wearing my dad's hawaiian shirt to the show, with feathered hair.  But I had the GREATEST TIME.
   Well, my daughter just went to her first concert and also had the greatest time!  Her favorite band "Owl City" played at the Roseland and we got her tickets for her birthday. She brought her friend and her dad and I accompanied them, much to their initial mortification.  But they're 12, fer chrissakes, and of course we're going. Both of us.
  It was the absolutely perfect first concert.  The band is pretty wholesome, as it turns out .They sing about fireflies and writing in their journal.  The singer is cute in a gay indie way, and we wanted to adopt him.  The place was totally packed, sold out, and there were lots and lots of other parents there, with tweens and teens lurking beside them.  I really felt good about the whole affair.

  The show itself was pretty great, even though it's not my kind of music.  Two opening bands, "Paper Route" and "The Lights" were both enjoyable, with lots of lush sound and big beats.  The light show was amazing me with its spinning purple daisies and huge blue lasers illuminating the audience.  I also loved the way everyone's phones and cameras were lighting up like lighters in the crowd.  Like fireflies?  It was all slightly too corny, but I'd rather have corny than seedy any day!