"The Magic is Dead." -- Diane Rios after hearing both Tom Sawyer's island and the Monorail were closed at Disneyland

We're on vacation for a week, and it's 75 degrees in Palm Desert, California! We were terribly excited to spend two days and one night at Disneyland, putting up at the fabulous Disneyland Hotel--where the Monorail comes to your door and whisks you away into the Magic Kingdom. Only the monorail was closed and the lake around Tom Sawyers island was completely drained and filled with jackhammers and backhoes! Not Magical At All!
But..we drowned our sorrows in whipped pineapple floats (brought to you by Dole), and petted the horses at the petting zoo (brought to you by Brawnie) and felt loads better after riding Splash Mountain twice.
No photos yet, but enjoy these 2008 pictures of a labor protest by Disneyland employees.
Now THAT'S magic!