"Le plus grand faible des hommes, c'est de l'amour qu'ils ont de la vie" -- Moliere

Comme c'est superbe! I have discovered the brilliant work of a coworker of mine. Stephen O'Donnell creates these amazing portraits of himself as a moody, courtly madame. Hairy decollete and all, he is be-wigged and wrapped in whalebone and taffetta. Set in the softest, bucolic country chateaux, Stephen fires the imagination with his character's many moods, at times jubilant, disdainful, worn.
I absolutely love his work, it is lovely and surprising, and the detail is exquisite. Go HERE for
a look into his wonderful website!

"Don't laugh with your mouth open, it's too rustic". -- Monsieur Bellegarde from "Ridicule".


Stephilius said…
You are too, too kind. I am honored. Thank you. (Look, I'm giving you a very deep court bow, right now, as I write this.)