Hooray for Hollywood

The Man and I went out on a little date to the most beautiful, shabbily-elegant theater. The Hollywood theater was built in 1926 for travelling vaudeville acts. The refurbished lobby still shows off its swanky curves with a graceful staircase leading to the long ramps up to the balconies. The details are lovely, wrought iron stair rails and brass fittings on the velvet ropes. We saw "A Single Man" with Colin Firth and it was great. Beautifully made and Colin Firth was at his best with his portrayal of a gay man in the 1960's who teaches English and who loses his partner suddenly. I'm not a huge Julianne Moore fan, but she was amazing as his beautiful, aging friend trying to find meaning in life after 40.
Portland is so lucky to have so many preserved historic theaters. Every time I visit one I appreciate the atmosphere of glamour-gone-by. I am so happy that new generations care enough to rennovate these wonders and bring their charm to new life.

(Plus, I love a good "Ladies Lounge"! A tradition that is sadly missing from today's cinema-plexes!)


I love that movie! It was so well done! Tom Ford made me cry. I loved how everyone was dressed so fantastic and played their parts. I can related to that movie in many ways. I'm glad you went to see it. Plus at a wonderful location! I always feel lost for words when i am in that theater. Wonderful pictures!