Walk to Work

Most of the days I ride my bike to work, but once a week I treat myself to a ride downtown on the bus. I just got some great headphones that keep out all sound but the lovely songs and my commute is like my own personal music video. It's fantastic!

Once the bus stops downtown I walk the 10 or so blocks to work. I pass by the Portland Art Museum, and walk by some of my favorite buildings such as the library, and various tall, brick apartment houses. The juxtaposition of old and new architecture never ceases to astound me.

The library is carved with beautiful stone animals, flowers and inspirational text. The next time you stand in front of it take a moment to admire the incredible craftsmanship in the carved archways and wrought iron doors. amazing.

Enjoy these shots from my walking commute!


I am miss portland so much! Thank you for reminding me what i am missing! Miss you