Hello, people! I must say that for the first time in two years I have slacked at the blogging. Life just got in the way! I have been busily working on my children's book, "Dizzy's Dream", and my prediction is that it will be finished this spring. 28 paintings in all!
I have, however blogged again for Powell' about the FANTASTIQUE, COMPLETEMENT CHOUETTE french aisle.
I absolutely cannot believe how many incredible french books can be found there, including this amazing book "La Photographie Ancienne"-- published in the early teens it is printed on the softest, creamiest paper and has gorgeous, full-page black and white photos from the 1800's. The pictures are so vivid that it's like looking at ghosts from a by-gone era. Flowers, boulevards, les bons gens et les pauvres, it's all there in full detail.
A real treasure.

Alongside the beautiful old books you'll also find funny little books like these two-- a science-fictiony 70's edition of the early classic "Tristan et Iseut", and this informative little volume "Rap Ta France" about French rappers in the 1980's. Tres interessant!
You won't find these keepers at Barnes and Noble, that's fer damn sure!

Check it out!


Que Fabulouso Senorita Rios!!!!

I have been trying to mastering the art of French cooking right now! Thank you Julia Child for that. Australia was a blast!! The sun, accents, kangaroo's, crocs, sharks, clown fish and many more. Miss you lots and glad your back!!


snider said…
I love the perfectly grown foliage and twigs on the cover of "Tristan et Iseut". Totally hilarious.