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Showing posts from October 15, 2009

Runway at the Shipyards

What a treat!! My fabulous friend Lenore and I got tickets to the last night of Portland Fashion Week. When I saw that Anna Cohen, one of my favorite Portland designers was showing, I couldn't resist. And am I glad I didn't!

Portland Fashion Week holds most of it's events at the Swan Island shipyards where they build... ships. There are HUGE INCREDIBLE GIANT ENORMOUS SHIPS everywhere. In the dark with industrial lanterns glinting off their gigantic propellers and hulls and bows and the BIG CRANES and the guys in hard hats with lights guiding you in, just like on a airport runway (runway!). It was gorgeous! And my heart started to beat rapidly upon seeing fashionable people teetering around the ships in their high heels on the way to the show.

My friend Lenore looked beautiful and got a compliment on her coat as soon as she stepped out of the car. I was very glad I wore the late 50's white knit dress that I did, it was chic and warm. We entered the warehouse where t…