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Showing posts from October 9, 2009

The Buzz of the World is Deafening

Hello people, it is a near-perfect fall day, blue skies and black crows finding sunflower seeds against the first fallen, gold leaves. Picturesque! (And if you can't make it outside you can actually buy all of the above - at Michael's craft store. I was just there and a fake crow is only 7.99!)

As always, amidst the overtones of art and beauty and the music of the cosmos swirling around me, my mind picks up the Talk of the day, the statistics, the political villain of the hour,the cheap buzz words and news stories, the latest mockery. It is a non-stop pop culture cacophony in my
brain, and although soothed with regular sleep and a vegetarian diet, sometimes the incessant assault is exhausting.

However. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Ahh. Now that is worth lingering over. Although "opponents" (ie: Republicans and Snarky Dems) have already "dismissed" the award, I am stopping a moment with satisfaction. Yes. He deserves it! I never thought I'd see…