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Showing posts from October 3, 2009

Three Days of Heaven

Let's get down on our knees and sing AMEN for Oregon. We are some of the luckiest people in the world living next door to such majestic beaches, forests, mountains and rivers. Greg and I just had three days and two nights drinking in some of Oregon's best.

For only the second time in 11 years, since our daughter was born, Greg and I went away for more than night by ourselves. We also had the brilliant thought to leave the dog behind so that we wouldn't have to worry about wet paws, poop, barking, the car being too hot, etc. It was going to be a prolonged period of rest and fun at our pace and whim. (dammit!)

We hadn't camped officially yet this year, aside from that one time in the backyard, and so decided to test the weather gods and book a night at Nehalem Bay State Park. Then we had a second stroke of brilliance and booked a nice hotel on the second night. Showers! Clean bed! Good dinner! So we booked The Westerner room at "The Inn at Manzanita." We…