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Well that about says it, right? We played on a street named Lovejoy and that pretty much describes my feeling for the evening. The Valiant Arms played with friends and label mates Arch Cape, Jeff London, Carcrashlander, and The Robinsons the final night of Musicfest Northwest. It was the perfect evening, clear and a bit crisp with the apricot evening sunshine lighting up the Pearl district next door to Slabtown, the bar that hosted the Jealous Butcher Records Showcase.

I must say I think Rachel Blumberg's new band "Arch Cape" is my new favorite group. They were amazing, all heraldic choruses and the vibraphone and trumpet and violin. I cannot wait for their cd. Keep your eyes peeled!

We played well, I was happy with the sound and our set list was pretty graceful, all told. There were some hot rock moments (RJ on the floor!) and some sublime pretty bits (Blue Skies and a Clean Getaway) and I enjoyed myself very much. Thank you to our friends who came down and took pi…