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Showing posts from September 2, 2009

Top of the World

I had this little question in my mind... "what does Timberline lodge look like without all that snow?" And that was followed by the query, "what kind of wildflowers grow up there?" and so... we went to find out!!

Tuesday was Greg's 42nd birthday and we went to Mt. Hood to celebrate. What better place could you be on the beginning of a new year? 6,000 feet up the air is so clean-- it has filtered through all the trees and rocks and lakes surrounding you to encircle the mountain and lift up the crows. It is glorious!

We drove up to Government camp and were amazed to see the normally-snow-covered alpine village totally bare. And hardly a tourist in sight! We had the place to ourselves as we got coffee and basked in the warm air under the beautiful wood facades of the buildings. The design of the town is fantastic. Lovely northwest timber combined with swiss chalet. The perfect xmas town, even in the summer. It's like being in the swiss alps! Complete …