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Showing posts from August 28, 2009

Khrushchev is Light on His Feet

Imago theater has done it again... produced a play that surprises, educates and thoroughly entertains. "The Cuban Missile Crisis Tango", about the nuclear near-catastrophe between Russia and the US in 1962 was great tonight. There was a lot of dancing, tango included, and was in fact an entire play without dialogue. Instead we enjoyed impressive avant-garde choreography set to a wonderful sound track of swing tunes punctuated by the sounds of ticker tape and old propaganda films.

The actors were fantastic. They are so dedicated and totally convincing, even while dancing in complete silence, starring into each others eyes, even while holding a gun to each others head, while making love on the floor. And even while watching Fidel Castro take a crap on the table. Avant-garde! And truly artful.
Thanks again for a beautiful night, Imago! (And check out my new high heels, in this, their debut appearance!)