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Showing posts from July 25, 2009

Park Rock

Well, we did it! We played a 2 hour set in the park, complete with children dancing and drunk guys screaming for more drums.

When we first arrived at the park I was happy to see the stage set up in the shade of a huge tree, and thrilled to notice food carts scattered on the lawn selling kettle corn and various snacks. We've never played a show that sold kettle corn before. ( And it's delicious!) I was a little alarmed at the sight of small armies of families arriving with folding chairs and coolers and blankets... more and more marched out of the trees and off of the sidewalks, filling the large lawn around the stage. My god! Did these nice, happy people know what kind of music we played? I started to fear that they were expecting groovy dance tunes, or beautiful folk music, anything but extremely loud, distorted rock and roll. Good grief, we were going to clear the park as soon as we got started! People might get injured packing up and getting out so fast!

Well, they st…