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Showing posts from July 21, 2009

Bad Writing, and an exciting interview!

Yesterday at Powell's I was interviewed by Vernon Lott who is making this documentary called "Bad Writing". It's a movie about writing and writers, good and bad, his own admittedly terrible poetry, and peripheral related issues such as books versus kindels, digital media, etc. The project has some pretty big names attached to it such as David Sedaris, and George Sanders, and it had a blurb on the New York Times Website. I was lucky enough to get to participate by talking about working at Powell's. I also got to take Vernon and Heath, the cameraman, down the French aisle where Vernon made himself forever endearing to me by purchasing "Chi Chi, le Panda Ravissant" (Chi Chi the Ravishing Panda), one of my favorite non-fiction books in the aisle.

I can't wait to see if I made the cut! Check out this neato blog called "Je Ne Suis Qu'une Pauvre Plume" for a short piece on the documentary.