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Deux Livres d'Amour

Here are two of my most recent acquisitions from my lovely job at Powell's. Two small, very sweet hardback volumes of "Une Page D'Amour" by Emile Zola. They both have the most DARLING illustrations on the cover, and small black and white chapter heads inside. I put mylar on both of them and voila! Little treasures all shiny and perfect! These are the 1946 editions published by Fasquelle.

Here is an excerpt:

"Mais pas un bruit ne montait. La demie sonna. Le balancier avait un battement affaibli, dans cette force du sommeil qui aneantissait la chambre entiere. La veilleuse dormait, les meubles dormaient: sur le gueridon, pres d'une lampe eteinte, un ouvrage de femme dormait. Helen, endormie, gardait son air grave et bon."


"Not a sound was made. The half-hour sounded. The clock ticked weakly in the sleepy force which destroyed the entire room. The old woman slept, the furniture slept: on the little table, next to an extinguished lam…