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Showing posts from May 26, 2009

Hubble Love

Lately I've been so busy that little miracles in the news just pass me by with hardly a thought... miracles such as the Space Shuttle's last manned-mission to the Hubble telescope.
The Hubble telescope has faithfully and prodigiously allowed us puny humans access into unknown and unimaginably fascinating worlds. Literally! Worlds and worlds and worlds. We can see back through time to light that is already millions of eons old. This is REAL SCIENCE FICTION, and it totally blows my mind every time I see these photos.
Check here for a definitive article about the recent Hubble repairs.
I wonder if the astronauts leaving the Hubble had a tear in their eye as they undocked the Shuttle for the last time and floated away from the mighty little telescope.
Evidently the Hubble telescope is so powerful that it was able to capture the Great Eye of Sauron, as well.