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Showing posts from May 15, 2009

Magic Time!

My GOD I love vacations.
Sauntering along the boulevards in knee length summer skirts, giant sunglasses askew, swinging the rental car keys and sipping my disgusting airport coffee, is SO MUCH FUN!!! Almost as much fun as wheeling my newly-rented car into the driveway of our swanky LA hotel next to the ocean!

Cora and I had a blast during our stay in Santa Monica. We hung out with my delightful 92 year-old grandmother Nama, as I call her, is still quite a personality, spelling things out loud at the top of her voice, and dominating the Bingo circle. She seems to need to shout out her approval of things, ("Hey Mister! You have a NICE SMILE! S-M-I-L-E, SMILE!!") or whatever she's feeling particular about at any given moment. ( "I always loved animals, at least those with FOUR HEALTHY LEGS! L-E-G-S, LEGS!!") I find it endearing and hilarious, but not all of her roommates do. "Get her out of here!" commanded one elderly lady. We pretended not to…