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It's Tres Hot in Texas

"Il Etait Une Fois Au Texas" or "There Was One Time In Texas" ( however I'm thinking there was more than one time-- Pleusieurs Fois in fact ( Several Times ) in Texas, from the look of this cover.
Good old Georgina Gentry, hot southern romance author that she is. The nerve, showing up in the French aisle!
Here is some choice dialogue from within:

Lacey(voluptious single woman) : "En dansant avec vous, je risque de tenir mon reputation." ( While dancing with you I risque my hold on my reputation"

Blackie (virile single man) : " Ca sera une experience palpitante, non? " ( That would be a palpitating experience, no?"

Mais oui! Mais seulement au Texas! ( Of course! But only in Texas!)