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Go Monkey Go!!!

A failed escape. Nine Japanese macaque monkeys tried to find their way to freedom from the Oregon National Primate Research Center (OPRC). They opened their unlocked cages, crept down together and I'm sure with hearts beating fast and all the other caged monkeys observing their progress, they found their way out.
Unfortunately, they are all back in. One monkey made it longer than all the others, but he too is now back in his cage, living a life of experiments, or killing monotony in the breeding program.

According to the Oregonian the Oregon National Primate Research Center currently imprisons

4, 525 primates.

900 of these sensitive creatures are used in experiments, the rest are forced to reproduce.

The ONPRC received

$79,235,000 in federal funding last year. ( Almost 80 million, people!)

It is financially and morally irresponsible to support this organisation. The experiments they conduct are fully replicable by other means. Animal testing is no longer needed in nearly 100 per…