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Showing posts from February 7, 2009

Wattstax at Beulahland!

What a night! The Child had a sleepover so the Man and I got to hit the town. When I say the "Man" I do not mean the cops. I did not hit the town with the cops, although if the cops were fun I might do it. But no, it was Mr. Greg Rios that with whom I cavorted gayly. (And by "gayly" I do not mean gay.)
First stop, a nameless bar on SE 12th st. What is that place called? It's a cozy little hole in the wall near 12th and Main st. and has a great jukebox, a very efficient if somewhat clipped bartender, and the Soprano's pinball game which was a hoot! Tiny pole dancers spin when you hit the ball just so, then the FISH that in the series spoke with Big Pussy's voice spoke to me (!) when I hit the ball up a ramp, and all the while the Soprano's family watched me with grimmest of expressions. Fun!
Next stop, Beulahland! Near 28th and SE Burnside, this bar is where my friend and coworker Grover DJ's every first and third Friday of the month. …