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Showing posts from February 4, 2009

"S" is for "Seventies"

The latest book I've bought is this: "City ABC's" by Michael Deasy and photos by Robert Perron. This is a 1974 black and white "urban abc book" depicting the somewhat gritty streets of New York in the seventies. It's not cozy or cute, but it really does take you back to a grittier, but perhaps more innocent time.

The poetry for each letter is alternately sweet and a bit awkward:

V is for Vendor
The whiffs of kraut
Drift over the street.
The vendor's out
And it's time to eat.

Or how about this one for "D"

D is for Dump
Shovels heap clumps
From dumps into trucks.
Trucks cart junk away

upon second inspection I found that the book is signed by the photographer! Very neat!