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Showing posts from January 27, 2009

Heaven Does Exist

"Coming down from up on high,
the pines outlined against the sky...." -- The Valiant Arms, "Dizzy"

Mt. Tabor is a wonder. On this fine winter morning the air is clean and sharp and the light is soft. The pines in the Mt. Tabor dog park stand sentry on this lovely patch of forest, overlooking the city. To the east Mt. Hood surprises me by suddenly appearing between trees, sitting huge and powerful and very close. Sometimes it is illuminated in the morning by the most pink, hazy, heavenly light. No artist could render it more sublime really.

Faye and I take our morning constitutionals here and drink it all in.

The lovely wrought iron fence around the reservoir and castle-like pump houses endlessly intrigue me. I would love to live here.