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Showing posts from January 25, 2009

Les Petits Livres

Here are a few used books I've added to the library. I swear to Dieu that the used French books at Powell's are a never-ending treasury.

First up, "Je Suis un Paresseux" ( I am a Sloth ). Totally rad board book on sloths in french. How much more POUR MOI could a book be?

Well, let's see, how about "Je Me Renseigne Sur Mars"-- ( I teach myself about Mars ) 1967 illustrated science book about Mars? Incroyable!

But wait, there's also the charming "Fun With French" starring a goat and a parrot. Totalement cool!

I am inspired by these sweet, vintage illustrations and illustrators. I imagine them at their drawing desks painting in the sloth's smile, or the goat's glasses, or the wierd red 1960's martians ( will scare kids), and it's good to know people are sometimes involved in darling, wholesome activities. What am I , Quaker?

Here is the last page in the book about Mars. These wild red and black paintings by Don Miller mak…