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Showing posts from January 23, 2009

A Tough Boss

My friend Bill Zeman has created the most hilarious and original children's book ever! It's called "Tiny Art Director" and is a collaboration with his five year-old daughter, Rosie. In the book Rosie commissions certain pieces of artwork, and Bill tries in vain to satisfy his most demanding client. All the words are Rosie's.

For example, this illustration is called "Ugly Eyeballs". Here is what Bill has on the page next to it.

A dinosaur, not too scary

The Critique:
He's a ugly one! I hate those kind of dinosaurs! Where's your eraser?

Job Status:

Additional Comments:
(hits page) He has ugly eyeballs.

And this page is called "Some Silly Dinosaurs".

The Brief:
Some silly dinosaurs.

The Critique:
I like it.

Artist Angling For A Better Quote:
Anything you don't like about it?

The Critique:
Don't ask me that Daddy! Just five me a treat right now!

Job Status:

"Tiny Art Director" will be published soon, stay tuned…