A New Year in Newport

A beautiful two days with the fam for xmas. Mom rents a beautiful beach house just north of Newport every year and this time we even found sunshine. While highways were being closed down to the left and right due to icy conditions, the sun shone on this little stretch of beach just long enough for us to soak it in.

My sister, brother-in-law and adorable nephew were there to exchange gifts, make swedish cookies and listen to a little Bing, while the waves and the sea lions floated just outside the door.


Bonnie Story said…
Paradise!! That's a wonderful way to commemorate the holiday time of year. And how nice that your sunshine was not the liquid variety!! Happy holidays Diane!!! XXXOOO Bon
Diane said…
Bonnie, you are in another kind of christmas paradise, up north! Let's get together in 2010! Merry Christmas,
xoxo Diane