On the corner of Park and NW Davis sits an empty, unnoticed, sleeping stone palace. Though ignored by most, I find myself knocked out every time by it's beautiful arches and scrolled ironwork. It has huge, curled stone detail and looping granite waves, lacey wrought iron grills and massive pillars.

I imagine Cinderella running down the wide steps, losing a shoe.
Someone told me it was the U.S. Customs Building, but I like my palace notion better.
I'd love to see inside!

This is a spray paint print of one of the windows.


.......... said…
I just love this. It takes a special eye to appreciate the structures that support it. Thank you for pointing these things out. And is this your print, of the window?
Diane said…
Thank you, yes it's mine. I want to make a series of prints of arch. details... Portland is filled with this kind of beauty!
pamela said…
Some further information and interior shots:
Wilmer Geraci said…
You should share some more pics of Portland beauties, Diane! I agree with what you said about the ironworks and arches. If you imagined Cinderella, I imagined Rapunzel! It definitely reminds me of my fave movie, Tangled. Did you see the tower's alluring architecture there? :D