Coffee in a Castle

Have you ever thought something like, "That's an amazing building. Oh, it's a church. Too bad, it would be a really great place to open a coffee shop ( or a bar.)" And of course, no one actually does open a coffee shop or a bar in that beautiful church. WELL GUESS WHAT?

One of my favorite local castle-y churches has done just that! "Tabor Space" is now open at 55th and Belmont, perched on the foot of Mt. Tabor overlooking beautiful SE Belmont street and all the way downtown. The church is a glorious grey stone building with absolutely beautiful stained glass windows and a large, wooden hall. The coziest place ever, and all the more cozier now with coffee
and tea and Scrabble by the fireplace. And only a few blocks from my house!!!

Am I in a dream?


wow, really? I've ridden by that place a hundred times and over and over I said to myself, "it's church". I'm gonna check it out.
Clark said…
that sounds cool. I will be dropping by for coffee. Have you ever been to "The Funky Church" (stupid name, but that's what the kids call it) over off of 20th and division? the residents throw shows and parties there. the place is very cool also...