Three Days of Heaven

Let's get down on our knees and sing AMEN for Oregon. We are some of the luckiest people in the world living next door to such majestic beaches, forests, mountains and rivers. Greg and I just had three days and two nights drinking in some of Oregon's best.

For only the second time in 11 years, since our daughter was born, Greg and I went away for more than night by ourselves. We also had the brilliant thought to leave the dog behind so that we wouldn't have to worry about wet paws, poop, barking, the car being too hot, etc. It was going to be a prolonged period of rest and fun at our pace and whim. (dammit!)

We hadn't camped officially yet this year, aside from that one time in the backyard, and so decided to test the weather gods and book a night at Nehalem Bay State Park. Then we had a second stroke of brilliance and booked a nice hotel on the second night. Showers! Clean bed! Good dinner! So we booked The Westerner room at "The Inn at Manzanita." We couldn't have picked better places to stay or a better weekend to do it.

The weather agreed with us all along the trip, giving us sparkling mornings, sunny afternoons and glorious sunsets. It was 75 degrees in town and any nip in the air on the beach just made our cheeks glow and going indoors all the cozier.

But first, camping at Nehalem bay.... sooooo beautiful. The softest, quietest dunes you'll ever see, covered in swishing clean grasses. The campground is watched over by hundreds of little, stunted pine trees, filled with birds. I saw a big deer silently stepping through the campsites, and in the morning.... a rainbow over the park. Unreal. Oregon forests and mountains are sublimely moist, green and foggy. Strong winds carry the fog away and leave crystal clear shorelines, rocks sharp against the blue sky. Pelicans! Gelatinous creatures washed up on the beach! Graceful driftwood!

Then, the hotel!!!!! I almost didn't want to leave the room. Perched high atop the hotel, The Westerner room is like a tiny cedar aerie for two. No pets, and no kids that I noticed, make for a quiet calming retreat. There is a little cedar room with curtains, a skylight, and two windows looking out into the pine treetops. There is a sauna in the room. There are huge fluffy white bathrobes. There is a deck for two looking at the ocean. There is a gas fireplace. It is heaven.

While we played in Manzanita we saw a man "sailboarding". What a beautiful, graceful sport! I have the utmost respect and admiration for this activity that doesn't include motors, engines, gasoline, pollution. It seems amazing for the rider too, even more so than surfing which is anchored to the water. Sailboarding is anchored to the WIND. You can leave the water, you can decide how much water you want to touch. It's like
flying and skimming the waves with your toes at the same
time. I think I'll have to
try it!

We also checked out more surf culture at Oswald West, one of the most beautiful forested trails and beachheads I've ever seeen. We saw Hug Point for the first time, an amazing stretch of rock formations, sand towers and CAVES!!

I am overwhelmed by the majesty of these places. I am determined to go back on the next Beach
Clean-up Day and pick up trash so I can show my gratitude to the gods.